Your Management Team is a Focus Group

Has this ever happened to you? You are leading yet another Zoom meeting. Everyone is either looking down at their notebooks, gazing off into space, or nodding thoughtfully, but no one is really engaging.

Is it Zoom burnout? Is it pandemic fatigue? Or is everyone anxious to get started on their tasks?

If you are not sure what is going on with your management team, it’s time to find out. Knowledge, after all, is power. Your management team is a powerful focus group and you should be treating them as such. 


Why I Stopped Playing the Perfect Balance Game

Recently I was standing in Mountain Pose about to flow into Tree Pose. However, my tree was similar to the one in A Charlie Brown Christmas – not the prettiest.

practicing balance

I struggled to find balance and keep myself upright. ‘Ugh,’ I thought, ‘I can’t even get Tree Pose right today.’

At that exact moment, my yoga teacher said, “Remember, we are not doing yoga, we are practicing yoga.”

This was a light bulb moment for me. Even in a balance pose, we are practicing balance. It’s a lifelong process of learning, not a pose we cram our body into.


The Art of Practice

Smart, intelligent, friendly, likable portrait of an executive business woman manager, advisor, agent, representative with glasses“Remember,” says my music coach, “Practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes permanent.”

She says this as I play a wrong note – for the third time. She corrects me and has me practice with her until the exercise results in better rendition of the song.


Hot Tips on Creating an Employee Survey

Happy young businesswoman clutching a large binder to her chest as she leans against an office wall grinning at the cameraAn unresolved issue is a colony of termites eating away at the foundation of your company. You need an effective way to get a pulse on your employees and company culture. A quick way to gather employee experience data is by sending out a survey.

Here are my Hot tips on creating a survey that will give you real insight: