We will work with you to survey how your thought leaders and employees view their career development, provide a course that addresses their needs under your company’s values, assess your employees’ progress, and furnish you recommendations on continued development strategies.


A personalized, short, and anonymous survey is provided to your team prior to the workshop. The survey is used to help determine the best workshop fit for your team. Additionally, the survey is compared to the assessment conducted after the workshop for data comparison which informs the Recommendations document.


A unique professional development course is created and presented to provide an avenue for growth and team cohesion. Our workshops provide background information on why the topic is relevant, interactive elements to encourage engagement, and practical advice to use in the workplace.


An assessment is provided at the end of the workshop for your team, department, or company to complete. The information is used in conjunction with the data from the survey to provide a robust recommendation on next steps for your team’s continued development.


We create a personalized recommendation for continued development. The content is based on information from the survey, workshop, assessment, and our holistic philosophy for productive teams.