Resiliency Training

A workshop presented to content moderators addressing the need to build resiliency in viewing disturbing videos and pictures. We helped the team talk through research based practices, walked them through using those practices, and engaged them in brain resetting exercises.

Empathetic Leadership

We taught a small team of managers the reasons why empathetic leadership works, how to be empathetic with professional boundaries, and led the group in exercises to practice their empathy skills.

Finding Focus at Work

We conducted a team building exercise around reading materials, a study guide, and an idea brainstorming session. Each leader walked away with practical knowledge and skills to help their teams succeed at focus and productivity.

Improv for Professionals

As part of a teams’ onboarding process, we provided a workshop on improv techniques that help build listening skills, speaking skills, and accessing the creative mind at work. This team building exercise was a highlight of the onboarding process.