1:1 Sessions

Copy Content: You’ve worked hard and put energy into your company, your job, and your duties. You’ve leveraged your strengths to achieve a great deal of success. The right coach is your partner, cheerleader, and supporter. Together, you build clarity about your goals and create a vision for how you practice balancing life and future goals.


We use research based assessments to discover your natural tendencies. Through our one on one coaching we talk about how to lean into our tendencies rather than fighting them. When we use our natural tendencies we develop confidence in who we are and in our path forward.

Skills Development

The right coach challenges you to develop in new and exciting ways, begin to realize your true self, and unlock the potential of your career path. Skills are developed through a series of homework exercises and a discussion on the challenges with implementation or development of habits.


We help you work with your tendencies to set up S.M.A.R.T. goals, then we follow up to see what kind of challenges you had implementing them. We help you address those challenges with a mindful, holistic mindset using knowledge about your personal tendencies and personality traits.