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Why You Need an Infrastructure Architect

At MHC Consulting Group we aid organizations and corporations in planning, updating, and executing their knowledge management and infrastructure architect systems. We meet our clients where they are at, help them plan for both the long term and short term to organize their processes and procedures creating a flow that allows them to expand and grow.


Individual Programs

As an individual, working with a Career Development Consultant means having a partner, cheerleader, and supporter of your dreams and goals. Together, you build clarity and create a vision for how you practice balancing life and career.

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Corporate Workshops

A report recently published by LinkedIn revealed that 94% of employees would remain at their current job longer if provided career development. Through courses such as Resiliency Training, Empathetic Leadership, and Finding Focus at Work, MHC Consulting Group will help you address a vital need and build a stronger team.

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MHC Consulting Group

Uses an holistic approach to knowledge management and information architecture.

Our process addresses the organization as a whole, looking at where improvements can be made that align with the corporations long term goals and needs.

How Data Can be Used Mindfully

Putting two and two together is difficult enough when it comes to analyzing our teams, their strengths, their challenges, and how we can help. But, trying to put two and apples together seems impossible. Can data be used mindfully to help employees and not to scare them into compliance?

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What We Can Do For You

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We provide an assessment and use the information to build your personalized program.


Innovative and practical solutions are discussed and demonstrated, while resources are provided for growth and development.


We follow up, holding you accountable for the actions you agree to implement.

Our Philosophy: Mindful Holistic Curiosity

Mindful (/ˈmīn(d)fəl/), adjective: conscious or aware of something (Oxford Languages)

Holistic (/hōˈlistik/), adjective: comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole (Oxford Languages)

Curiosity (\kyu̇r-ē-ˈä-s(ə-)tē), noun: desire to know (Merriam-Webster)